Versatile Boat Lift System

for boat repairs, riveting, and more

Boat Repairs Made Easy!

The Capsizer 8000 is a one-of-a-kind machine that safely lifts and flips boats and jet skis for easy repairs, refinishing, fiberglass repairs, aluminum hull riveting and welding.

Experience the convenience of completing a two or more-person job… all by yourself! The Capsizer 8000 allows you to easily adjust the boat’s angle, using a single crank on the self-locking gearbox. It can accommodate boats up to 8,000 pounds and 24 feet!

Ready to make your repairs easier, more efficient, and increase your profits? The Capsizer 8000 is the machine for you!

Accommodates boats up to 8,000 pounds and 24 feet!

The Capsizer 8000 lift system has immediately increased our productivity, safety and repair quality. When customers walk into our shop now and see a boat in the air on the lift, they know we mean business!

Benefits of the CAPSIZER 8000

Navigational Compass

Adjusts to any angle


Saves labor while reducing boat handling time

Boat Assembly

Eliminates need to remove many components for repairs

Safety hat and goggles.

Increases safety of working conditions

Boat on a trailer

Makes trailer removal easy


Comes with a one-year full warranty

Boat repairs

Boat repairs made easy

Boat being rotated

Boat angle can be adjusted by one person

See the CAPSIZER 8000 in Person!

Get a hands-on experience with the Capsizer 8000. A satisfied customer near you would be happy to show it off. Find out if there is a Capsizer 8000 near you on the map below.